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Win the Wellness W.A.R. (We Are Responsible) ~True stories of the heart, spirit, mind, and body.

Tell your story in the Win the Wellness W.A.R. (We Are Responsible) compilation book. (Book 2 of 3 in the All Things Wellness series). Just as in Book 1, this book will consists of 30 Contributing Authors who will share their own health and wellness battles.

Through personal stories of despair, tragedy, or unforeseen obstacles, our authors experience personal growth and share their triumphs with the world. Why should you be one of the 30 authors?

Benefits of becoming a Published Author:

  • You will have instant credibility.
  • You will be an authority.
  • You will gain celebrity.
  • You will make an impact by sharing your life experience.

Do you know?

  • Most authors submit their work dozens of times before being accepted by a publishing company.
  • Most publishing companies can charge upwards of $20,000 for publishing your work.
  • In most cases, an agent, editor, and marketing package aren’t included in publishing costs.

Why is our compilation book for you?

We are writing a three-book All Things Wellness series with 30 authors. Our first book launches Summer of 2022 called The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness. We also bring together a team of seven Media Partners and a fantastic publishing team. Our All Things Wellness Family is strong.

We provide editing, publishing, marketing, and media opportunities for you at no extra investment. You also receive more benefits which are covered below.

You do not have to be a professional writer. We work with you personally to help put your story on paper and maintain your voice. We all have stories to tell, and we help you the whole way.

If you have never been a published author, this is a great way to get your feet wet . Submitting a 2,000 word story, and letting us do the rest, allows you to test the process.

We create a sense of community, cultivate relationships, and develop collaborations by bringing together the brilliant hearts and minds of our storytellers. Real people who share their true and personal stories that change the world. Participating in a project with us allows you to connect personally and professionally with over 30 other people and multiple Media Partners with international platforms. You will be offered interview opportunities to shine the light on your message, business or other published books if you are already an author.


Co-Authors Peggy Willms and Markus Wettstein, M.D. have over 60 years in the health, wellness and medical industries. The three-book series is based on Peggy’s trademarked, ATW Wheel. Book 1, The Four-Fold Formula for All Things Wellness is being published Summer of 2022. Winning the Wellness War is projected to launch by mid-December 2022. Wellness GPS is targeted for Summer 2023. Each book, in addition to the Coach & Doc content, you will read true and personal stories from Real People.

What is Book 2 All About?

Win the Wellness W.A.R. (We Are Responsible) ~True stories of the heart, spirit, mind, and body.

Being healthy and happy doesn’t just happen. It takes awareness, education, strategy, consistency, emotional resiliency, and more. It sounds just like planning for a battle or a war, doesn’t it? We need to be tactical. And we are here to help you win it – every time.

Emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, organizational, and financial growth are the framework of any military training unit. Why do the troops form and prepare for duty? They have a unified goal for improvement – they seek a win. Your health, wellness and wellbeing are no different. Based on the concept of the  ATW WheelTM, you learn strategies to Win the Wellness War. Learn how to assess your current skill level in 24 areas of your life, and how to level up gaining strength, knowledge, and control.

When it comes to setting and accomplishing your goals, we help you get prepared for battles, assess obstacles before they happen, accomplish challenges, and keep the peace avoiding a full-on Wellness War. Let’s not surrender. Our authors sure haven’t.

Again, we are seeking 30 people to share their personal stories. People connect with stories, and they have been a part of our lives since we were little. Surely, someone read you a few fables in your early years. Change your life and someone else’s just by sharing one of your special experiences about your own wellness, wellbeing, spiritual awakening, relationship, and more.


RESERVE YOUR SPOT: to become a Contributing Author, you reserve your spot, and submit your 2,000 word story, meet dozens of other people who are a part of this passion project, and you become a published author.

  • $500 deposit. Within two weeks from submitting your story, you will receive a decision as to whether your story is a fit. If not accepted, we will return $450 to you. We keep $50 for the story review/decision process.
  • If accepted, the $500 deposit is applied to your Story or your Story and Front Cover.
  • The full balance is due within two weeks from your story being accepted.

INVESTMENT: Story $800 / Cover $700 – (Limits: 30 Contributing Authors and only 16 Front Cover name mentions-first come first served)

There are seven Media Partners on our team, one person writing the Foreword, and stories from each of the Co-Authors (Peggy Willms and Markus Wettstein, MD); a total of 40 storytellers.


  • Story Reservation Deposit:$500 (Again, if accepted, your deposit will be applied to the story balance; if not accepted, $450 will be returned to you minus $50 which is retained for the review process.)
  • Last Call for Authors to reserve a Story Spot: Deadline: 9/1/2022
  • Story Submission Deadline: 10/1/2022. Your story must be completed and submitted.
  • Story Total Investment: $800 ($300 due after $500 deposit)
  • Front Cover Investment: $700. If you would like your name on the Front Cover of the book, this investment is in addition to the story investment. (16 spots only). No discounts off the Front Cover.
  • You must reserve your spot ($500 deposit) before you submit your story.
  • Two-week decision timeframe. Once your deposit is received, you will have reserved a temporary spot. Your story will be reviewed, and you will receive an email within two weeks informing you of your acceptance or rejection.
  • If your story is accepted, you will receive the Contributing Author Agreement via email (electronic signature).
  • The remaining balance for your Story or Story and Front Cover is due within two weeks of your story acceptance.


In addition to your published Story (up to 2,000 words, you will receive the following.

  • A 50-word Bio will be printed in the back of the book.
  • Three points of contact such as email, website, and/or social media platforms will be printed in the back of the book.
  • One free copy of the published book.
  • You can purchase additional copies of the book at a reduced price of $9.00 (plus S&H). This is a great opportunity to make revenue from the sale of the book at signings or sell on your website.
  • Become a 2x published author at the same time! When you join this project, Teresa Velardi (author and publisher) is generously offering each Contributing Author at no cost, a 250-300 (full page) in her book, Daily Gift of Gratitude, with a 50-word Bio in the back of the book and be included on her Website.
  • If you were a Contributing Author in book one of the three-book All Things Wellness series called, The Four-Fold Formula, you will receive a second page at no cost.
  • Your bio and photo will be published on the All Things Wellness website.
  • You will be invited to participate in a private Facebook site where the group of Contributing Authors create relationships, collaborate and learn tips on marketing and writing.
  • Prior to book launch, you will be invited to participate in publicly distributed videos called Story Teasers where you share bits of your upcoming stories. These videos are launched on multiple social media platforms and housed on the All Things Wellness website and YouTube channel. This gives you an opportunity to increase your public presence. 
  • Prior to book launch, you will be invited to participate in publicly distributed Personal Chat videos where your future followers get to know you a bit better. These videos are launched on multiple social media platforms and housed on the All Things Wellness website and YouTube channel. This gives you an opportunity to increase your public presence. 
  • You will also be invited for an interview on The Coach Peggy Show with other Contributing Authors. Your interview will be distributed internationally across many platforms. You will receive links from your interview to be used for your own marketing distribution.
  • You will be invited for interviews from our Media Partners with other Contributing Authors. Your interview will be distributed internationally across many platforms. You will receive links from your interview to be used for your own marketing distribution.


  • Refer three other authors. If their stories are accepted, the referring author will receive a 50% discount off: 1) Book 2 Story or 2) Book 2 Front Cover or 3) Book 3 Story which will launch Summer of 2023. (a $400 value)

RESERVE YOUR STORY SPOT NOW: Submit your deposit to Peggy Willms via Venmo (Peggy-Willms) or PayPal (@pwillms). Or visit and use the payment buttons at the bottom of the page.

The Process:

  1. Visit the Author Page at https:/ and learn about the 3-book All Things Wellness series.
  2. Select the blue LEARN MORE button under each book (book three coming soon). You will meet the Co-Authors: Peggy Willms and Dr. Markus Wettstein, MD, the person who is writing the Foreword (TBD). It will take you to this page:
  3. RESERVE YOUR SPOT (only 30 authors): select the RESERVATION button below the LEARN button, in the banner or with this link to find out more benefits than just submitting a story
  4. Or directly reserve a spot via Venmo (Peggy-Willms) or PayPal (@pwillms). This MUST be completed before you submit your story.
  5. Preview all the amazing Media Partners listed under the Media Tab on the same website You will be invited to interviews on their podcasts, radio and TV shows as well as more writing opportunities.
  6. Read the STORY EXAMPLE at this link 
  7. We have a few of our favorite writing tool links under a WRITING TOOLS. Visit
  8. After your reservation is processed, you will receive via email the CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR AGREEMENT link from Peggy Willms.
  9. Once your Agreement is signed, you will email your story to The team will review your story.
  10. You will receive an answer via email within two weeks regarding its status.
  11. If you are accepted, your deposit is applied to the Story investment or to the Story Front Cover investment (if you choose to be mentioned on the Front Cover, there is an additional fee as mentioned above).
  12. Once accepted, you will receive a link to the STORY INFORMATION. You will use that form to submit your bio, social media handles, etc.
  13. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you are proud of your story.
  14. Once we have all agreed upon the final version, it is put into the manuscript and sent to the publisher. If the publisher and editors have comments, they will bounce it back to us. We will reach out to you and share the feedback.
  15. You have final approval of your story before it is published.
  16. You own your story. Once it is published in the book, you are free to repurpose it as long as you mention this book as its original publication.

Finally, get excited to become a published author and join our All Things Wellness family. Let’s share your story with the world.

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