Meet Coach Peggy

Coach – Consultant 
Educator – Seminar Leader
Radio Host – Author

I live for helping others improve the quality of their life.

My live my purpose, and it is not a job. It is a passion. My career feels like a fantastic book taking me through one exciting chapter at a time; one journey; one experience. I live for the Aha moments. Those are the moments when I see someone’s eyes open wide with an “I just got it” moment. It is at that time they realize I have made a small difference in their self-discovery journey.

I embrace you with no judgement, toss in a ton of empowerment, and add tad of tough love. And as I say, “It’s true we are all special, but frankly not that special.  We are more alike than not. We all have *hit! Just think – as hard as it takes to grow or become healthier, it will take just as much focus and energy to stay there. And I am here to help you stay there…then grow some more!

ACTIONS keep you MOTIVATED which equal SUCCESS

“I have been in my industry for more than a hot minute. For over 30 years, I have hovered in the health, wellness, fitness, medical and academic industries. I have been blessed to work hand in hand with thousands of clients from high school students to military dependents and the enlisted to athletic competitors to eating disorders to co-morbid disease states in diabetes trials to every corporate wellness environment you can just about imagine. I know, vomit already, but hang tight, I have more dish…below you can read my whole story.”
Let’s Get Personal ~

Grab an espresso and let’s get acquainted…oh and just one donut, please…I must say I have always had a hard time compartmentalizing my personal and professional life. I just smoosh them together like a warm PB&J. Why- – -because I am innately wired and feel so blessed to be a part of others’ self-discovery and improvement, therefore, I can’t do one without the other. Thus, my personal and professional lives have always bled over. Witnessing others find the best version of themselves not just nutritionally and physically, but in terms of finding or improving self-love, confidence, improving social relationships, AND yes, learning food is fuel not foe, physical strength rules appearance, sleep is sexy, all leave me screaming “You deserve everything! You are everything!”


Created “All Things Wellness” coaching to bridge the gap between wellness and wellbeing. Happiness does matter! Life-Work-Play.

THIS IS YOUR REAL LIFE. You need REAL answers. With me, that’s what you get. The Real World Coach. If you don’t want answers to the tough questions or solutions for the tough problems, I am not the Coach for you. Many coaches and most programs forget to make it About You! They want to sell you a one-size-fits-all diet, program, or mantra and move on to the next sale. Yup – you are a number. NOT WITH ME!


Consulting is helping leaders and employees to Walk the Talk – and Talk the Walk.

Executive Coach and Consultant, Utilizing a unique visionary process to align high-level executives’ and leaderships’ mission, vision and values to that of their company followed by a drip-model process to all employees – starting from the top down.


Experienced delivering diverse subjects from body and mindset awareness, relationships, productivity, behavior and habit management, and so much more.

30+ years diverse education and experience as a personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, health/wellness, manager of multi-million dollar medical clinics, wellness coordinator, managing programs for thousands of employees!


Internationally recognized for delivering motivational wellness programs and wellness bootcamps.

Internationally known for innovative topics on global issues such as obesity, diabetes, stress management, employee satisfaction, and physician-utilization outcomes. Coach Peggy is a dynamo at pulling unexpected stories from her life and business experience. Get ready to Laugh, Learn & Shine more vibrantly.





Wellness and Motivational

Individual, Team, Executive Coaching
  • Master of Habit Change –reversing poor eating and sedentary behavior, re-wiring habit history to include emotional and social connections, and removing unfavorable obstacles.

  • Excuse Excavator diving deep to unearth root causes and designing short- and long-term solutions for success.

  • Strong communication skills combined with patience, compassion, and tough love.

  • Innovative and creative content development, delivery, execution, and outcome-based theories.

  • Successfully coached and trained a diverse client base: age, gender, weight concerns to include multiple disease states, fitness levels, injuries, and competitive athletes.
  • Coach and train: individual, couples/partners, small and large group theme-based series and Master Classes.

  • Coach Peggy Willms designed, developed, implemented, trained and coached diabetics through an 18-week medical and fitness-based Diabetes Center of Excellence Program.

  • Conduct innovative, cutting-edge individual, women and couples Wellness Retreats for lifestyle, behavior and habit improvements; includes nutrition, fitness and mindset workshops, excursions, massage therapy, and more.

  • Coached and trained many on-site, corporate fitness classes.

  • Coached 16-week multi-faceted State of Slim (SOS) corporate wellness program throughout Colorado.

  • Coached 12-month intense wellness program to hundreds of Destination Boot Camp (DBC) clients (take-off from the ABC T.V. Extreme Weight Loss Show conducted through the University of CO).

  • Coached and managed University of CO Wellness Center worksite wellness program with over 250 employees utilizing tools such as new policies and procedures, assessments, budgets, audits, action plans, rewards and recognition policies mapping to improve health markers and job satisfaction, absenteeism and turn-over.

  • Coached over 7,500 employees in a nationwide, 15-month wellness initiative with 21 National and State Park properties.

  • Coached multiple organizations, thousands of employees utilizing MyePHIT™ an online program to engage individuals in activities promoting physical fitness, healthy eating habits and behavioral management.

International Expert in Wellness and Wellbeing

All Things Wellness
  • Comprehensive knowledge of health, nutrition, fitness, behavior management for all ages

  • Innovative and creative content development, delivery, execution, and outcome based theories

  • Diabetes Center for Excellence, Grand Junction, CO

  • St. Mary’s Hospital 2010 Annual Top Spot recipient

  • Mastering Interaction Skills, Coaching for Success, Culture for Safety

  • CPR Heart Saver/First Aid American Heart Association and American Red Cross

  • Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach through Health Coach Institute

  • Extensive Certified Fitness Trainer/Sports Performance Nutritionist Education: International Sports Sciences Association, Aerobic Pipeline International, Total Fitness Trainer, Germany since 1989

  • QMAP (Qualified Medications Administration Personnel)

  • Designed, developed, trademarked, implemented and managed a worksite wellness program named Awe!

  • Extensive development of creative, challenging, and customized health, wellness and life plans for clients all over the world to include employees, patients, and retreat attendees.

  • Designed and developed a 12-week virtual, corporate wellness initiative to identify communication, wellness and well-being pain points between Leadership and Employees.

  • Designed, developed, implemented a unique Decompress Stress tool that tracks: stress level rating, mind and body stress-level reactions, source identifiers, and determined breaking points.

  • Managed a 30-person, 60-day Mindset Master pilot utilizing the Decompress Stress tool.

  • Managed 25 transformation and fitness coaches for 12-month intense wellness program for hundreds of Destination Boot Camp (DBC) international clients (a part of the ABC T.V. and University of CO Extreme Weight Loss boot camp program).

  • Designed, developed and implemented corporate wellness tools to determine current and future state of wellness.

  • Managed a satellite diabetic clinic in Rifle, CO.

  • Designed, developed, implemented, analyzed, and educated physicians utilizing a physician utilization tool called Peer-A-Med™.

Consultant and Educator

Rethinking Wellness Education
  • Developed a 12-week virtual corporate wellness program to include Leadership prep and pre-launch, program delivery, and executive summary for next steps and outcome results.

  • Designed and implemented worksite wellness programs which included concepts, approaches, tools and resources used to build a wellness culture within with AHWC.

  • Consult with corporate executive and leadership teams to identify gaps with their employees as it relates to wellness in both their work and personal environments.

  • Consult with organizations to identify stress within their organization and with their employees individually utilizing my unique Decompressing Stress tool.

  • Consult with organizations to determine areas their employees can improve efficiency, peer relationships, decrease stress, and improve over health utilizing a unique 168 Wellness Work Hours process.

  • Consulted with University of CO to identify ways to enhance wellness culture between leadership and employee to determine mis-alignment with corporate mission, vision, values, purpose, goals and business strategy as it related to a successful wellness program.

  • Consulted with large Primary Care Physician group and diabetes specialist in Western CO to identify areas patients were struggling to improve their blood sugar and reduce body circumference measurements and weight. Goal was to improve patient health, create a plan affordable for patients, and present the program to insurance companies and seek grant funding to support the program.

  • Created wellness culture stages of change models for leadership and employees.

  • Consulted with non-profit organization to submit grants providing free step counters to Medicare patients for the Colorado on the Move initiative. The initiative was approved and over 60,000 Colorado Medicare patients received free step counters.

  • Identified several enhancements to a wellness program at Rocky Mountain Health Plans in CO to include weekly produce delivery, presenting education sessions, on-site fitness/exercise classes, massage therapy, and educational forums.

Speaking and Media Personality
  • Conduct innovative, cutting-edge womens’ and couples’ Wellness Retreats for lifestyle behavior and health management; includes nutrition, fitness and mindset workshops, excursions, massage therapy, and more.

  • Developed scalability with UC leadership and participated in community interaction.

  • Presented statewide to physician groups regarding physician “profiling” – how physicians are compared to their peer groups regarding decision making, quality of care and utilization costs.

  • The Coach Peggy Show

  • Coach Peggy Real Time docuseries

  • Coach, Couch & Coffee Radio Show (exp 2019)

  • Action Potential, LLC (2001-2003)

  • Multi-book author

  • Worked with the author of SOS to develop content for corporate and boot camp programs.

After just one series with Peggy I have learned not only so much about nutrition but so much about myself. My first series has taught me how to push through difficult situations, how to make the best decisions for myself, and how to make actual lasting changes. Words can’t describe how excited I am to continue doing her series, and I recommend Coach Peggy to anyone who is willing to become a better version of themselves!

-Katherine Ross