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James Redfield is an American author, lecturer, screenwriter and film producer. His New York Times Best-Selling book Celestine Prophecy has sold over 23 million copies, ultimately becoming a movie. The Celestine Prophecy has become one of the most successful books of all time. This phenomenal novel spent over 3 years on the New York Times best sellers list. James has gone on to write several more books (another in the works) and is also the co-founder of where he is active with the CP Community and Celestine Coaching. James and his wife, Salle, both natives of Alabama, reside in Florida.

Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope

Hope is the magic elixir that can transform life’s troubles into a sense of grace and meaning. Experience modern-day miracles as 30 inspiring individuals share their high-fives and down-lows of moving through physical challenges, abusive relationships, addictions, lost and found love, and more.

Read the personal testimonies of everyday people and prominent figures, including:

  • Co-author Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos’ finding her forever love
  • Co-author Rev. Ariel Patricia’s message of hope from an animal totem
  • New York Times bestselling author James Redfield’s synchronicities of writing The Celestine Prophecy
  • Spiritual mentor Sister Dr. Jenna’s transformation from disco queen to Divine angel
  • New York Times bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel’s spiritual flat tires in life
  • Media guru Deborah Beauvais’ fight to save her child … and herself
  • Author Tamara Knox’s path to physical and spiritual wellness
  • Media partner Peggy Willms’ decision on her pregnancy

And more inspiring true stories of courage, triumph, and peace. If you liked Chaos to Clarity and Crappy to Happy, the first two books in the series, you will love this standalone third book. Each true story is a shining beacon for embracing life and moving through the Mayhem and into the Miracles.

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Tanner Tells T.A.L.E.S. (Truth. Accountability. Love. Emotion. Support) 

Tanner Tells Tales is a series of books written by a mother and son, Peggy Willms & Tanner Willms. Through the eyes of a mother, Tanner’s tales are told. Tanner, who is now an adult and a father himself, shares his reflection as he looks back on these tales of himself as a growing boy. The Tanner Tells Tales series are lessons of truth, accountability, love, emotion and support. Each illustrated book is accompanied by coloring pages, a maze and a word search.

The Tanner Tells Tales series share several stories of a boy throughout different ages of his life as he was faced with the internal and trials and tribulations of growing up. At times he chose to fib when he wanted his own way, he took things that weren’t his and he was even bullied. Tanner learns with each adventure, there is a lesson to be learned.

Each book ends with Tanner’s Take. His adult-view on himself as a little boy. Why might he have done what he did? How did one story or event from his life perhaps lead into another? Could it have been prevented by making different choices? What we he do differently if he could go back?

As a mentor, parent or grandparent reading these books to a youngster, you may learn different ways to communicate with children to solicit truths, to express the importance of accountability and offer a safe and supportive platform for a child to share his or her emotions as they grow through their years. These stories are ultimately about love. And the world always has space for more love.

Coming in Late Winter

—The Boy With The Broken Nose

Tanner wants to play outside. And he wants to play in one of his favorite places. The humungous pine tree in the back yard. The one that drops pinecones as big as your hand. The one with the old boards nailed into the limbs waaaay up top built by the family who lived there before. The one he is NOT supposed to climb. What happens to Tanner when he doesn’t listen to his mom, and he decides to do just what she tells him NOT to? And what happens if Tanner is not honest about what he did?

Get excited for more of  Tanner’s Tells T.A.L.E.S. coming in 2022

~The Boy and his Pocket Pets
~The Boy with the Missing Shoes
~The Boy and the Lost Toys
~The Boy Who Was Bullied