What Are Your “For Now’s?”

By: Peggy Willms

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I am going to say it, and I am preaching it to my own choir. The phrase “in the moment” is overused. Hell, I have a tattoo, my first tattoo, which says … in the moment. Small letters which follow an ellipsis of which one of them is a brown freckle. OMG how flipping creative and ingenious of me (freckle . .).

I got this tattoo when I was 40 years old. I became a wicked rebel then. I am dying as I type. Ha. I have never been a rebel. What a joke. That is neither here nor there, regardless I found myself divorced and in need to declare my profound freedom. I didn’t want a visible tattoo nor a large one. I am actually rather modest. I know that has also sent you over the edge with laughter. Peggy and modest in the same sentence? But do remember extroverted whacko is not the same as living by non-virginal sanctions…so the dictionary states.

Anyhoooo – I decided to begin living by these words…in the moment. Again, what a joke. I haven’t lived in the moment since I was born. 

I live in action. Actions that lead me to the next action. Actions that keep me in motion like a free-flowing mountain stream. I find myself sometimes rapidly flying down glistening rocks and other times wrapped up in a whirlpool of muck trapped between a bunch of twigs. In either case, I am still in motion.

“In the moment” or “living in the moment” is used as rapid fire as “I love you.” The words are overused is my point. After about ten years of not even looking at that tattoo and definitely not living in the moment, I decided I would refer to the words, especially when coaching, as “live in the now.” 

What are you doing RIGHT NOW? Almost like a stop, look, and listen when you are crossing the road. STOP!!! LOOK!!! LISTEN!!!

Whoa. I can do this much better. Perhaps it is the word choice. NOW. It is an action-sort of. I love action. The word moment is soft, gentle, and more feminine. ***before you send me a ton of hate mail about my labeling of “feminine” – I will say it like it is…I have a more masculine energy. Ever see my mohawk, listen to my language, and my “tell it like it is” slap stick?” However, it doesn’t mean I am not in touch with my feminine side. I am compassionate, loving, endearing, caring, huggy, nurturing…blah blah blah. What I am trying to say is that I relate more to the word NOW than I do the word MOMENT.

When I think of “What Am I Doing Right Now?” I can answer that. I am typing a blog or I am kayaking or I might be cutting a mango. When I ask myself the question, I actually answer  “live in the moment.” Borderline brilliant I might say so myself.

So, “in the moment” (right NOW), I am typing a blog. My slow down and process the now is…”I love to write. I love to share with others how I am thinking, what I have been through or to develop creative content. I might think oooh this is fun. This isn’t work. This is directly in line with my passions.” Even though I am in an action – typing my blogs, I am still very much living in the moment. Am I sitting on my lounge chair staring into the ocean thinking of how blessed I am to type blogs…no. I am actively thinking and doing. Am I looking at my tattoo ever so creatively led by the ellipsis of a freckle…no.

When I am kayaking – an action – I am not joking, I ask myself, “What are you doing right now?” It is in the answer to myself that I find my moments of gratitude. “I am exercising for fun. I am in the water. I love the water. I live in a location I adore every single day. OMG look at those tan thighs.” Of course, that is after I might assess, damn girl cut back on the carrot cake.

When I walk, I am aware I am in action. When I make my salads with beans, kale, arugula, tomatoes, seeds, carrots, cucumbers, tofu, strawberries and…(got carried away), I am very aware I am in action. Again, I am still aware that I am in my “For Now.”

I am not a forever girl. I am an “for now” girl. This doesn’t mean I do not plan ahead or that I am naïve to the concept of dreaming as a vital tool and saving for retirement is crucial. RETIREMENT? Retire? Hell to the NO!

I ask you, without judgment, are you an “in the moment” peep or are you an “in the now?” Maybe it doesn’t make a difference to you. For me, it does. The bottom line is to appreciate and show gratitude to yourself, your higher power, and to others that you are enjoying the life experience you have. You are learning the lessons of your past and present and ensuring you make every attempt to improve and not repeat them the crappy stuff.

So, FOR NOW, I am going to hit the save button, and go make another cup of coffee. And I am so over-the-moon blissful Jesus made coffee beans.



Peggy Willms
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