Bigger Fish to Fry


Yup, it is still Stress Awareness Month. And, yup, I still find it bothersome that whomever gets to name our special holidays or months, feels we need to be “more aware” of “stress.” I think 100% of the human population is or probably has been pretty “stress aware.”

Even the word “stress” stresses me out. I truly watch my vocabulary and believe that thoughts become things. Heck, I have convinced myself I ride Unicorns and and slide down rainbows.

The thing is with stress is that we need a bit of it for survival. We need acute stress. The fight or flight stress that kicks in and gives itsy-bitsy moms the ability to lift cars off their children or when you are hauling down Terminal B as they scream last boarding call to Flight #87 – your flight.

It’s the long-term, chronic stress that kicks our A double S – and actually puts and keeps weight on our A double S.

I have a hyper determination to become stress free(er). Ooh that is good – so let’s call April: Stress-Free Month! FREE-ER. MORE FREE. hmmm. Wait, I just ADD pinged back to who gets to name our focus-theme months and days. I mean who determined April is Stress Awareness Month or for that matter why April? I want a Donut Day. Oh, wait I think there is a Donut Day. I suspect this team of secret naming spies is also the same team who has so creatively yet ridiculously named our streets…I mean, these are for real:

  • Roast Meat Hill Road in Killingsworth, Connecticut-a tribute to burning livestock?
  • Bad Route Road in Montana-where do you get the confidence to take that detour?
  • Duh Drive in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-they say living there’s a no-brainer. Love this onet!
  • Pillow Talk Court; only would you find a street name like this in Las Vegas. ‘Tis True!

Oh Boy Did I Get Off Track…anyway back to my original thought…take April more lightly. Be Stress Free(er).

When I was pondering what to share in this week’s Blog, and what I would share about stress or how to reduce it, I thought I would think about how we refer to stress – any slangs out there. I also wanted to take a lighter approach because I have a few episode coming up on my Coach, Couch, and Coffee Radio Show with guest Dr. Markus Wettstein, Endocrinologist, (Part 1 airs 4/15 and Part 2 airs 4/29) where we take a more serious dive into the definition of stress, the different levels of stress and enlightening new data.

Back to stress or “I am overwhelmed” slangs. When peeps over the generations have tried to express their frustrations with busyness or high-level of stress, they sure have used a few interesting idioms; many phrases of which the young’uns of today may be like – what???

Let’s check out a few conversations and learn a bit of history:

“Mom, can you take us to the game tonight?”
“So sorry, girls, I have a full plate.”

The WTH translation: too many things to deal with, worry about, cope with. She’s obviously stressed out! MOMMA HAS A FULL PLATE.
“Poor Joe, he has “too many irons in the fryer.

The WTH translation/origin: dating back to the mid-16th century referring to a skilled blacksmith who maintains control of the bellows and placement of the irons he uses for branding thus he can turn to get his anvil and hammer at the same time. “Too many irons in the fire” marks an inefficient smith or one with an unskilled multi-tasking skills. JOE IS OBVIOUSLY THE INEFFICIENT MAN OF THE DAY.

“Honey, we bit off more than we could chew renovating this house.”

The WTH translation/origin: dates back to 1800s when people who chewed tobacco put too much in their mouth to fit. SORRY, GUYS, BUT YA’LL KIND OF DO THIS WITH MOST PROJECTS. NO SHOCK HERE.

My journey to become FREE(er) and embed holistic-type thinking and movement into my life wasn’t and still isn’t easily welcomed. “I am free(er)” is still difficult and sometimes forced. Success often feels like my inner spirit has bludgeoned my physical self over the head and drug me kicking and screaming with bloody knees and knuckles out to the lanai to begin my holistic practice which somedays only entails sitting and staring or perhaps counting all the different bird sounds for 3 minutes and then going back into my office to work. BUT I AM TRYING. So that is Stress Awareness Month participation, right.

Well, I am choosing to stop focusing on the Stress Awareness Month bull for this moment because it is kind of stressing me out. And I actually have Bigger Fish to Fry which BTW this “overwhelmed/stressed” out slang translation/origin can be documented back 400 years in Irish and British culture meaning “I have more important things to do.” Guess what that is…bet you can’t – I am going to go meditate and do yoga. That’s my BIGGER FISH TO FRY. Good job, Coach.

In closing, I must end with marrying up my awesome idiom Bigger Fish to Fry, with a creative street name. You won’t believe this, there is actually a Frying Pan Road in the D.C. suburb of Herndon, Virginia. BAHAHA. Go fry your Big Fish today.