When it comes to writing a story with us, we have heard many responses. We would like to share some of the responses if they are not “Yes, I am on board.”

In our compilation books, we are providing the editing, publishing, marketing and media opportunities as we build a project for aspiring storytellers to become published authors. We believe in a sense of community, relationships and collaborations. It was important for us to create a forum where several brilliant hearts and minds can share their experiences and change the world.

We do not want you to be nervous about taking this step. Though we are very compassionate to your feelings – as we have been there. Here are a few concerns we are hearing, and we hope our responses ease your anxiety. We would love to hear from you. Reach out and participate in this exceptional project.


1) I have nothing special to say – who would care.

2) What if I share something that pisses off or hurts someone else?

3) My story will stir up too much in me, and I am not ready for it to bubble.

4) I am afraid of the publicity it might generate.

5) I don’t have time.

Our loving responses:

1) We all have something special to say: hoarders, thieves, addicts, incest victims, over and underweight journeys, disease states, finances, etc. Every experience connects us and is not as “special” as we think it is thought it is as “special” as we think it is.

2) Tell your own narrative before someone else does. We all have our own perspective and stories can be prefaced in a way to express just that “our perspective.” Most are waiting for the “main character” in their story to die before they will tell their story.

3) Your stories do not have to be deep to connect and change lives. This opportunity allows you to baby step. Your story will be inspirational and motivating – trust us.

4) I get that…going public. Uh Oh. However, you are in control. You can deny interviews, writing opportunities, etc. until you are ready – and maybe you never will be. However, you have a published book sitting there when you are ready to: increase your income by selling copies of the book on your website or in book-signings, enhance your book by taking a professional angle: speaking, a different job (being published always increases your credibility), write another book or blog, and finally your book is a lovely gift.

5) No time. PAWLEEEZE. We all make time for the things we want to do. You are not writing a novel at this time; you are getting your feet wet. And, you do not have to write the whole 2,000-word story. Believe it or not, once¬† you start, however, it flows really fast. OR the best yet…if you feel you have no time for a “do over,” repurpose something you have already written: a journal entry or blog as long as it is personal and true.

Do you have another reason to not share your life-changing story with the world. We would love to hear it and put it on our list. Hugs to you.